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Yoga To Nourish Your Inner Witch


with Meredith Eileen

Available online via Zoom

Tuesdays 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm EST

November 10, 17, and 24

Calling All Witches! Join Meredith Eileen for another three-part series entitled “Yoga to Nourish Your Inner Witch.” There are NO Pre-Requisites for the series. In fact, you can even be totally brand new to yoga and all things witchy. So sisters, if you feel compelled or called by the title and the description of this series, please do not hesitate to register.

The next edition of “Yoga to Nourish Your Inner Witch” series begins Tuesday November 10th, 6:30 pm, EST and continues through Tuesday, November 24th. Participants may participate in-studio, zoom live or zoom recorded.

The series is $75 dollars EARLY WITCH PRICE $59 if you register by end of day on Tuesday November 3rd.

“Sisters, May We Be Called, To Unite, To Root, To Rise As Sacred, As Divine, Spiritual Beings” –Meredith Eileen

To change the world, we must start by healing ourselves and changing the stories about who we are as women. This yoga series aims to dismantle the current and cultural condition of the modern world, from our mind, body and spirit, and to reclaim the Divine Feminine through Celtic spirituality, intuitive movement based in Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Asana, meditation, breathwork, song, dance and meditative mantras. The practices and themes offered in this yoga series are inspired by the ideas presented in “If Women Rose Rooted” written by Dr. Sharon Blackie. Also, the underlying spiritual nature of this course is Celtic and is very much informed by the teachings of John O’Donohue, as I have studied his work for many years. The intention of this practice is to create a space in which we can come together to challenge our conceptions of how we are supposed to be, how we are supposed to move, the stories we tell ourselves, and even the language we are supposed to use. This series is about shifting energies and it is about empowering ourselves. We will work to restore our humanness; our wildness; our womanhood to a place of wholeness, as we continue to live in a patriarchal society that does its best to keep us fragmented and small. Please Note- This is a healing practice and healing is best done in community. If you sign up for the online series, please ask a friend or two to join you on the journey to Nourish Your Inner Witch by signing up this sacred practice, too. Gathering in the same space and time to practice is optimal, but even if you are unable to be physically together, knowing that they are there with you on this journey may just take you further onto the path.

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