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young person on mat doing meditation pose

Yoga Figure Drawing Class

with Gabrielle Kidd and Christina Lofaro


Yoga Flow ~ Visionary Drawings ~ Figure Drawings

Saturday July 16th from 1:00-2:30pm

Join creative yoga instructors Gabrielle Kidd and Christina LoFaro and explore the therapeutic benefits of art and yoga. In this 90-minute workshop we are offering a yoga flow to warm up your drawing muscles and to prepare you for a guided visionary empowerment experience, allowing you to be open to your visions. From there you will be invited to sketch your visions, intentions, or matra. You will get a chance to figure draw and practice gesture drawing. We will be using fully clothed models in various yoga poses.  Models of the day will be holding poses for us for a variety of lengths.

Please bring your own art supplies with you to class.

It could be as simple as a pen and journal or as complex as chalk and a drawing pad. You’re welcome to bring in any material that is easy to clean up to respect our studio. Suggested materials include: drawing pad of any size, pencils, watercolor, erasers, chalk, etc.

We all can create! No drawing experience required!

$45 for the 90-minute experience.