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Wise Concentration - Improving Cognitive Performance Series

with Constantine Georgiou

Register for Wise Concentration - Improving Cognitive Performance Series

4-week series from May 13 - June 3 — Mondays from 11:00am – 12:30pm

5/13, 5/20, 5/27, 6/3

Cognitive performance such as effective memory recall, sustained focus and distraction resistance is tightly connected to the skill of concentration. Yet most of us have never been trained on how to concentrate, even when we meditate.

Recent studies on the state of distraction in the world have shown that most humans are now distracted every 8 seconds, that is worse than a goldfish. Technology companies spend billions on hacking our attention yet we spend little time investing in developing concentration for our own benefit.

This program will introduce you to the knowledge, tools and practices in building stable concentration that will affect your ability for sustained focus, without partialising attention for longer periods of time. You will also be introduced to Biofeedback technology that can enhance concentration training post the workshops.

The added benefit of deep concentration is more access to equanimity, subtle bliss and presence on and off the cushion.

4-week program of 90 minute sessions:

  • Week 1 - Introduction to a concentrated brain
  • Week 2 - Training a stable mind
  • Week 3 - Transcending distractions
  • Week 4 - Concentration in everyday life

All attendees will receive guided recordings of the concentration practices for personal use.

$140 for the 4-week series; Early Bird Price of $120 by May 6th.

Unlimited Members Pricing of $110 up until the first day of the series.

Guest Facilitator: Constantine Georgiou

Constantine Georgiou is the founder of Ineffable, a human potential accelerator. As a Mindful Self Discipline coach, Constantine has used concentration training to help hundreds of people build better habits and mental health. Influenced by various Tibetan lineages and Western peak performance teachers, he brings a fresh approach to training cognitive performance by using his direct experience and biofeedback technology for sustained improvements.