woman with sound bowl

Sound Savasana

with Betsy Whitesell


July 14, 2023 from 6:00pm

A Sound Savasana class, also called a Sound Bath, is one of the easiest and most pleasant forms of self care you can treat yourself to. Just get yourself comfy and Betsy will play a variety of soothing instruments to help you ease into a meditative state. Some instruments she will bring closer to your body to let you feel the vibrations more fully. She especially loves to work with gongs, but also plays various bowls, chimes and a drum. Everything is energy and energy is vibration; a sound bath lets you listen and feel deeply and encode your intentions. Experiences can range from a deep meditation, a nap, a release of an emotional blockage, relief from headaches or respite from anxiety. Simply put, it’s like a sonic massage and people feel better and lighter when they leave. Join us! Bring a mat and whatever you need to get cozy and relaxed.

$18 drop in; class packs and memberships apply.