older woman in yoga breathing position

Myth of Aging / Hanna Somatics Essentials

with Martha Kastler

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July 28, 2024 — 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Thomas Hanna, the creator of Hanna Somatics, developed a series of movement sequences to address chronic muscular tension and pain to debunk the common belief that as we get older our physical ability declines, pain is inevitable, and we become more restricted.

Join Martha and experience the basic movements from the myth of aging series to unravel tension, stress, and feel more freedom and ease. During this neuromuscular re-education process you will learn the art of pandiculation. These conscious volitional movements will be performed sequentially, on the floor to systematically free the muscular systems of your back, abdomen, side, chest, hips, legs, shoulders, and neck all without stretching.

Take a journey to greater peace of mind, and soulful pleasurable connection with your Soma. All ages and abilities are welcome, no somatic movement or yoga experience needed.

$79 for the 4-hour workshop; early bird price of $69 by July 14th.

$64 for Uttara Unlimited Members