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Hand holding wooden mala

Understanding The Laws of Karma; a study of the book by Goswami Kriyananda.

with Harvey Murdoch


Sundays from 3:30-5:00pm, May 8th and 22nd; June 5th and 19th

What is karma? Is there good karma and bad karma? How is it created, dissolved or changed?

Kriya Yoga proposes that it is the volume of your accumulated karma, both “good” and “bad”, that prevents a conscious individual from achieving balanced self-awareness. This text presents the functioning of karma as a matter of causality rather than one of ethics and so provides a tool to become less reactionary to stimulus of any kind, while simultaneously becoming increasingly aware of the multitude of subtle influences that shape our thoughts and thus our experience of the world.

What will this course help a person develop? A general understanding of how karma is generated, distributed, manifested and how karma relates to the doshas, chakras, and other yogic concepts. We will also cover how to soften karma, produce less karma, redirect karmic energies, cease karmic production, and achieve balanced self-awareness. Specific techniques for achieving these ends will be discussed.

Reading the book during the class series will be helpful but not required, and the book will be provided if you choose. Cliff notes of a kind will also be offered.

$65 for the series + book; $50 for the series without a copy of the book. Please pre-register to save your spot.