Katie Silcox

The Glow-Worthy Workshop

with Katie Silcox


October 28 from 2:00-5:00pm

Because you are worthy of glowing from the inside out!

With Katie Silcox, NYT Best-Selling Author of Glow-Worthy, M.A.S. and founder of The Shakti School

Join us for a three-hour special event - celebrating your innate INNER GLOW. We will move, flow and meditate on the energy that awakens purpose, vitality and deep soul clarity.

Come for practices - both fluid yogic flows and deep inner meditative experiences designed to awaken your inner light and love yourself as you are - Broken, Beautiful, and Sacred

Glow-Worthy is an antidote of embodied love and presence in a world of increased stress, polarization, and a deep sense that something is missing from our overly technologized lives. We long for community, spiritual authenticity and a feeling of belonging in the body. If that sounds familiar, you are not alone, and you are not permanently stuck.

Glow-Worthy’s powerful framework combining modern science and wisdom from global spiritual traditions will help you live a fuller, more authentic life —no matter your background or faith.

It’s possible to live from a place of deep connection to something that is far sweeter, far more powerful, and far wiser than you ever knew. To feel aligned in your mind and heart with a sense of purpose that resonates all the way to your soul. And to recapture an authentic relationship with your physical, breathing body that, in turn, can deepen your engagement with the world around you.

From Katie Silcox, New York Times bestselling author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy, Glow-Worthy is a guidebook for accessing your inner light—that guiding spiritual force within us that connects us to the Divine (whether you believe that to be the Universe, God, or another Higher Power)—and letting it illuminate your innate power and worth.

Through movement, guided meditations, journaling prompts, and more, you’ll:

  • Strengthen your direct line to your own wisdom
  • Discover your own unique spiritual path
  • Establish a spiritual practice that works for you
  • Embrace the belief that every part of you (even the messiest ones) is worthy of love

Gain a new perspective on your body, your emotions, and your daily life Your inner Divine is the source and spark of spiritual light that resides within each of us. And the only person who can truly connect with and nourish that sacred inner spark is you. Glow-Worthy gives you the tools to connect with your Higher Self—and shine from the inside out.


$65 for the 3-hour experience; $52 for Uttara Unlimited Members

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About Katie

Katie Silcox, MA, is the New York Times bestselling author of the book Healthy, Happy, Sexy: Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women. She is the founder and executive director of The Shakti School, a premier online certification school for women-centered holistic wellness. Her business focuses on the convergence of ancient holistic medicine, modern science, and heart- centered spirituality. In a former life, she was a cover model for Yoga Journal magazine, and was named one of “San Francisco’s Best Yoga Teachers” and one of “100 Trailblazers in Yoga and Ayurveda.”