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Breath/Body/Spirit, Level 1


with Jill Loftis

A Six-Week Online Course with Jill Loftis

Course Launch Sunday, September 6

Fee $85 (free for unlimited members) Unlimited members to register for free, email

A six-week course of transforming your body and mind utilizing the Barratt Breathworks method of awakening the innate breath.

Commit to six weeks of delving deeply into your body, releasing the layers of tension that inhibit your natural breath, and creating a deep connection to your spiritual potential.

Each week of the course you will receive two (or more!) video recordings so you can practice at your convenience. The first will be a teaching/lecture on the topic for the week and will introduce the concepts that are covered in the practice. The second video will have a brief yoga practice to prepare the physical body for the practice, and then a full breathwork session. Optional homework and journaling questions are given each week to provide opportunity for introspection and awareness. Lectures will range from 10 minutes to half an hour. Practice videos will be about 15 minutes of yoga to prepare the body, and half an hour to 40 minutes of breathwork.

No breathwork or yoga experience is needed. Please pre-register. First week of videos and homework will be released on Sunday morning, September 6 and each Sunday for the next five weeks. Upon registration you will receive an outline of the course, and reference materials.

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