woman in field with hands in prayer mudra

Breath Alchemy Workshop

with Gabrielle Kidd


July 15, 2023 from 2:00-3:15pm

Join Trauma-informed Breathwork facilitator Gabrielle Kidd for a felt sense experience connecting to one of your most powerful sacred tools, the breath. Deep conscious connected Breathing is a method that is able to take us out of the mind and into the body, slowing down and guiding us to altered states of consciousness giving us the space for a deep somatic, emotional and mental or spiritual healing. Tapping into the nervous system to discharge stored tension, trauma, burnout, stress, or emotional congestion and release what is no longer serving us so we can remember who we truly are. Inviting new pathways and a felt sense of release, clarity, ease, inspiration and joy. This workshop provides full permission to go at your own pace knowing that intensity doesn’t always mean transformation.

$30 for the 75 minute workshop; $24 for Uttara members