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Bhakti Yin Yoga - Balancing the Chakras

with Kimberly Vest


Friday August 19th at 6:00pm

Bhakti means joy and often, from a yoga perspective, joy is found by not only practicing physical postures (asana) linked with breath to relax the body but also through chanting (singing) and using hand gestures (mudras) to create a blissful and joyous experience.

This class will work with Yin yoga poses (passive asana) combined with Mudras (hand gestures) and Bija Mantras (sounds of the chakras) to help activate each of the chakras (energy centers) that run along the center of the body. The combined effort will be used as a means to unblock and release stuck energy, balance the chakras themselves and thus improve overall wellbeing. Class will end with a long Savasana (relaxation) to integrate the practice and students will leave feeling grounded, energized and refreshed!

This class is appropriate for all levels.

$15.00 drop in; class packs and memberships apply.