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Awakening the Ancestral Spirit

with Antonio Stovall

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July 26, 2024 — 6:00 - 8:00pm

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Awakening the Ancestral Spirit workshop allows experiencing the power of Kemetic Yoga, followed by an African shamanic journey to tap into your ancient D.N.A. This workshop aims to help individuals go deeper within themselves and connect with the ancestral spirit that dwells in us all. This is where we discover our natural and supernatural abilities.

Modern society has disconnected us from the true power of connecting with our ancestors. Learn how connecting with your ancestors using breath, slow movement, sound, and sacred medicine songs can benefit you in the world of the living. We cannot reach our highest potential when we are not connected to our roots like a tree. When we observe humanity’s oldest traditional and indigenous cultures, it’s essential that we pay respect to those who came before them. Because if it weren’t for our mothers and fathers, their mothers and fathers, and so on, we wouldn’t be here. Come out and experience this magical moment. Participants will feel more calm, grounded, intuitive, and connected to divine intelligence.

“The young will look back at the old to learn how to walk.” Neb Naba

Bring a Yoga Mat, Water, and an open mind.

$25 for the two-hour workshop; $20 for Uttara unlimited members.

About Antonio Stovall

Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Antonio Stovall is an inspiring indigenous shaman, 10-year martial artist(Kung Fu/Boxing), writer/poet, researcher, Kemetic Yoga instructor, and holistic wellness practitioner born and raised in Roanoke, VA. He is the founder of Ancestral Perspective, a grassroots movement that educates people on the importance of relearning their ancestral identity by providing educational books and DVDs(children’s literature, Ancient History, Health, Spirituality, Economics, etc.). In addition, Antonio holds lectures on the importance of cultural awareness and wellness. He also does blog talk radio and organizes self-empowering study groups. Antonio has traveled around the country (including Egypt). He has had the opportunity to learn at multiple indigenous alternative healing schools that teach the importance of balancing the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and aspects of the self to achieve optimal health. Antonio’s goal is to continue learning and growing as a human being and share his ten years of holistic wellness experience/lifestyle with others.

Teachers and Alternative Healing Education

  • James Cabbler R.I.P. (Boxing Coach/Champ Gym)
  • Herbie Hollands (Wing Chun Kung Fu)
  • Master Naba Kemetic Dogon High Priest
  • Chief Amachi (Priest of Tim and Bokata)
  • Queen Afua (Man heal thy self)
  • Dr. Jewel Pookrum (Jewel Pookrum University)
  • Yiser Ra Hotep (Kemetic Yoga)
  • Kwesi (Ausarian Tantra Yoga)
  • Yeye GoGo (Sangoma Training)

“Holistic wellness is a lifestyle that has to be cultivated each moment of each day. The present moment is where the origins of all healing begin”