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Adaptive Yoga Series

with Laura Haywood-Leigh


Thursdays at 11:00 am - February 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd

In this four-part series, we’ll explore ways to adapt traditional yoga practices - such as classical asana postures and some breathwork - to ourselves and our bodies when certain limitations may be present. We’ll explore floor, chair, and wall-practice options that may be useful when injury and recovery, disability, the natural effects of aging, or other limitations may be present which may make traditional practices more challenging or downright inaccessible. We’ll play around with tailoring traditional postures to yourself and your body, to make them more accessible, so you can still derive the myriad benefits from your time on the mat.

Due to the nature of this series, class packs and memberships do not apply, though a discounted rate is available for studio members. $60 for the 4-week series; $48 for unlimited members

About Laura

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Laura began practicing yoga in 2002. She was initially drawn to the Iyengar style for its focus on breathing and alignment. Following the birth of her fourth child in 2007, Laura explored adaptive yoga and then the freedom-form style, introduced by Erich Schiffmann, which encourages deep inner listening and self-trust.

Laura graduated from Sun & Moon Yoga Studio’s teacher training program in October 2018. She’s also been a student in the California-based Ridhwan School since 2009, which is home to the “Diamond Approach,” a contemporary spiritual path that includes the practice of self-inquiry.

As a yoga teacher, Laura encourages her students to explore gentle, mindful movement with curiosity and openness, which may help them move into a deeper awareness of their experiences on the mat. Inclusivity and accessibility are other important elements of Laura’s teaching style. She enjoys playing around with ways to modify and adapt poses to make them accessible to students who may be experiencing limitations related to recovery from illness and injury, health challenges, and the natural effects of aging.