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Meredith Eileen

Meredith Eileen

“You should try yoga, I think you would like it.” These were the words of my first love, and he was right. Yoga has been my saving grace for decades. I carry the teachings with me, always.

In my current teaching of yoga, I diverge a lot from the original philosophy, spirituality and myth that originated in India. Although these aspects of yoga remain close to my heart, I find the teachings of my own ancestral Celtic heritage to be calling me back home with great urgency. My roots bleed from being ripped out of their sacred grounds. The ancient language, the tales and stories that helped us make sense of life, the songs, the healing practices, the priests and priestesses, the outdoor intuitive spirituality, the remembering of all the rememberings……that sacredness is now gone. Colonialism brought its usual offerings: ancestral trauma, poverty, broken families, alcoholism, drug use, sickness, mental illness, collective and individual purpose stripped away, lives not lived fully and many whose lives came to an end too soon.

Fortunately, not all has been lost. I believe that we still hold all of this ancient knowledge in our bones. We can still remember and bring forth the teachings from our bodies to our minds and our souls right here, right now. We can heal. We can replace the neurotic looping of our head spaces with a reconnection to Mother Earth and a revisiting of our lost ancestral stories, which made sense of life in a more subtle and indirect way. These stories had depth, heart, wisdom and meaning. By restoring our severed connection with our ancestral knowledge and Mother Earth, we can find contentment.

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