Marie Collins

Marie Collins

Marie has worn many hats, from world traveler to non-profit researcher, tech worker, labor organizer, and meditation teacher. She’s currently prioritizing health and a slower pace of life, spending time in community in Roanoke, and growing and cooking food from her garden.

Marie first experienced yoga as a teen, began practicing regularly in 2017, and completed her 200 hour teacher training at Uttara in 2023. A period of intense new leadership roles in political organizing and mindfulness spaces drove her to start a consistent practice, and the space created by her teachers in class enabled her to bring more balanced, grounded energy back into that work. Yoga is a mindfulness practice first and foremost for her, a way to reconnect with the body and settle the mind in the face of the many ebbs and flows of life, stress, and responsibilities.

And in a world of chronic busyness and overwhelm, her not-so-secret metric for gauging how well a yoga class went is how close to falling asleep the class looks by the end. =D (The sleepier, the better!)

You can find Marie teaching on behalf of Uttara at River Rock Climbing Gym on Wednesday evenings at 6:30.

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