Gabrielle Kidd

Gabrielle Kidd


Gabrielle began her yoga path 4 years ago after being gifted a mat and DVD from a loved one. She began a gentle home practice and attending classes. Yoga began to unveil a whole new level of gratitude for life, spirit, and the physical body. It was the beginning of a powerful healing – giving praise, love, and honor for what the mind and body are capable of instead of what is lacking.

In 2013, Gabrielle was exploring the idea of pursuing yoga teacher training but became pregnant which brought distance to her yoga practice and unfortunately her relationship with the Divine. After giving birth to her son and learning to survive as a new mother, she knew she needed to return to her practice and her spirituality. Reestablishing a home practice and attending class became a blessing of “me time” along with discovering and journeying into breath work. She was led to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and, soon after, everything started falling into place. She realized how yoga was saving her life as a newly rebirthed & struggling mother, mending her relationship with God. She knew deepening her understanding of the path and practice would lead to a reawakening of her soul.

Her inspiration and gratitude come from her son, who transformed and realigned her life; her devoted teachers who speak their truth,; momma Earth; culture, art; and the sacred Kriya lineage.

She is a graduate of the Uttara Yoga 200 hr Kriya/Tantra teacher training and is registered with Yoga Alliance. She has also studied bioenergy with Mietek Wircus and Barratt Breathwork with Kathleen Barratt. Her intention is to grow alongside her students, guiding them from their hearts while also in return, receiving their teachings in this garden we call Life.

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