Notice: We are offering online classes via Zoom and limited capacity in-studio classes. Online pre-registration is required for online and studio classes. View the schedule for class details.

Mobility Yoga

studio + online

Tuesdays at 7:00pm with Ninette Carnevale

You will love Ninetteā€™s refreshing, upbeat and untraditional approach to yoga. Often yoga classes are geared towards people who are already flexible. This class is for the rest of us! Utilizing yoga props and creative variations on traditional poses, as well as self-myofascial release techniques, you will discover ways to release tense and/or restricted muscles and increase range of motion in your joints and joint capsules. Please bring two yoga blocks, a lacrosse/tennis/trigger ball, and some type of strap/band; we use all the fun yoga toys to make everything accessible for you.

Improve your range of motion; your overall strength; activate dormant muscles; improve motor control; develop muscle awareness; and releasetrapped or restricted muscles. Every class will hit those problem areas – hips and shoulders and lower back.

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