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Please note that the classes labeled “warm” are in our “Solar Room” which is heated to approximately 85-90 degrees during class time. It is a dry heat using infrared heaters attached to the walls.

woman in warrior pose

All-Levels Flow

This class is open to all, and emphasizes proper alignment and movement linked with breath. Intelligent, mindful sequencing of poses that build internal heat and focus, in preparation for a relaxing savasana and meditation practice. All levels welcome; poses will be modified or advanced based on your level of yoga practice.

Teacher Time
Wendi Wagner Saturdays at 9:00am
Gabrielle Kidd Saturdays at 9:00am
woman balancing on yoga mat

Ashtanga Short Form

Focusing on the opening sequence of Ashtanga, with select postures from the primary and closing series, this class offers a powerful and healing practice using a specific set of postures (asana), linking breath (pranayama) and movement (vinyasa). Learn and utilize proper body alignment to fine tune proprioception and sharpen internal awareness giving rise to a healthy, intelligent and balanced personal practice. This is a strength-based vinyasa style class, and familiarity with the Ashtanga sequence is helpful. (warm class)

Teacher Time
Leilani Dibble Mondays at 7:00pm
woman looking up from yoga mat

Beginning Yoga

Yoga for every body. No experience is necessary. Each class will be suited to beginners, but those with experience are welcome, too. Adaptations will be offered to make the poses work for you! Learn breathing techniques, stretch and strengthen the body, and quiet the mind. Give yoga a chance to change your life.

Teacher Time
Harrilyn Mills Saturdays at 11:00am
Woman playing crystal singing bowl

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti means joy and often, from a yoga perspective, joy is found by not only practicing physical postures (asana) linked with breath to relax the body but also through chanting (singing) and using hand gestures (mudras) to create a blissful and joyous experience. Class will end with a long Savasana (relaxation) to allow students time to reflect and integrate the practice.

This class is appropriate for all levels.

Teacher Time
Kimberly Vest Wednesdays at 9:30am
candles and buddha on alter

Candlelight Yoga

This is an all-level class designed to help you transition from the weekend to the week ahead with a gentle asana flow, soft candlelight and soothing music. We will work with breath and movement in order to help you ground and center followed by a juicy savasana to lift your spirits.

Teacher Time
Beth Polk 4th Sunday of the month at 5:30pm
woman looking up from yoga mat

Essentials of Practice

This class is appropriate for all levels from the beginner to the advanced student who wants to return to the basics. We will work on grounding techniques that begin with our base (feet, hands, seat), stabilization and strength (balance and standing poses), opening and stretching (flexibility in poses), all while focusing on a simple meditative breath. Class will end with savasana and a short guided meditation practice.

Teacher Time
Harrilyn Mills Mondays at 5:30pm
woman balancing on yoga mat

Focused Flow

This class will offer a varied sequence within a flow type practice where one movement threads into the next using “vinyasa”. Each week students will focus on guiding movements through intentional breath and active directing of attention toward focal points both internal and external (drishti). Special care will be made to bring the body into better muscular skeletal alignment. This alignment combined with the breath and drishti (gaze) will help bring the body, mind, and self to one point. Class will begin slowly on the floor and may include some pranayama (breathing techniques) and core awakening, moving into a more kinetic flow to build heat with vinyasa (upward dog pose and downward dog pose), standing and balancing poses and ending with more passive poses to prepare for Savasana. This class can be challenging and is aimed for those who have some yoga understanding and are ready to kick it up a notch. There will be plenty of opportunity to hone in on basic asana (pose) practices with modifications and options to try more challenging expressions of similar poses, if desired. Students are encouraged to practice at a pace and ability that feels appropriate. (warm class)

Teacher Time
Leilani Dibble Thursdays at 6:00pm
elder gentleman doing yoga on mat

Functional Flow

Functional Flow is playful blend of conscious breathing, vinyasa style yoga, light calisthenics, and mindful awareness of the body.

Teacher Time
Jeremy Price Fridays at 10:00am

Gentle Strength

A gentle yoga class with added elements of strength to challenge the body, mind and breath. This class is based in functional movement and includes flowing sequences highlighting mindful transitions while minimizing transitions between standing and the floor. Designed to accommodate all levels of practitioner.

Teacher Time
Sally Wesley Mondays at 9:30am

Gentle Yoga

A mindful, breath-centered practice of basic postures (asana) suitable for students of all ages and levels. This gentle focused class will include centering, simple breath work (pranayama), and a variety of poses to help release tension held in the body; nourish tissue, bones and joints; foster physical stability; and soothe the nervous system. Enjoy the benefits of nourishing your body, quieting your mind, and experiencing the peace possible in the present moment.

Teacher Time
Harrilyn Mills Fridays at 12:00pm
woman doing childs pose

Hatha Flow

An all-level class that awakens the body/mind connection and brings awareness to the connection between movement and breath. We will work with basic yoga postures that help develop strength, balance and flexibility, and practice sun salutations and other forms of flow to link our movements. There will be a focus on aligning body and mind through the rhythmic wave of the breath.

Teacher Time
Vanessa Moses Tuesdays at 5:30pm
woman in lotus pose with dog

Hatha Yoga Foundations

Combining the elements of the sun (“ha”) and the moon (“tha”) this practice will help build strength in the body while bringing peace to the mind. Appropriate for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, this all-levels class will focus on alignment, breath, and mind/body balance. In this practice, we will move at a slower pace through the postures, so that we can focus on finding both strength and ease, before settling into a relaxing meditation designed to calm the mind.

Teacher Time
Laura Leonard Wednesdays at 5:30pm
lotus flower

Kirtan Fusion

No experience with mantra or singing needed.

Everyone is welcome to share a kirtan (call & response chant of the Divine names), bhajan (devotional song), prayer, or any other inspirational offering or simply chill with the sweet vibrations and blessings that are created together in peace, joy, love and light.

ॐ Shanti Shanti Shantii ॐ

Donations for local non-profit accepted (tbd)

Learn more at

(image source: Roanoke Kirtan Fusion facebook page)

Teacher Time
Debra Marks Second Sunday of every month 3:00 - 4:30pm
room of yoga students

Power Yoga

With an emphasis on deepening the mind body connection, this hot class is designed to leave you feeling empowered. We will start with breathwork, grounding, and setting an intention. Then we’ll warm up gently to increase mobility before moving into an invigorating, adventurous flow. We’ll wrap up class with cooling postures to smooth out your day and end with a deep relaxation. Prior yoga experience is recommended for this class. Modifications and options will be offered. (warm class)

Teacher Time
Brittany LePore Wednesdays at 7:00pm
people meditating

Restorative Yoga

A gentle and restful practice that calms the nervous system, releasing physical and mental tension. This slow and meditative class uses props to support the body through nurturing holds that ease the entire system into a state of relaxation and balance. This all-levels class focuses on creating a state of calmness in which the body is encouraged to gently land, allowing the breath to flow more freely. Through this practice, healing and recovering from stress, fatigue, and illness can be achieved for the entire being.

Teacher Time
Harrilyn Mills Second Sunday of every month at 5:30pm
woman doing yoga in sunny woods

Rise & Shine

Get up, get moving, and get started! Rise and shine with this early-morning, warm class and find the energy and empowerment you need to tackle the day ahead. We will move through a series of postures and flows designed to help you feel alive and refreshed before ending the practice with mindful breath awareness that will keep you grounded and connected the whole day through. This class will be heated (warm, but not hot) to help fuel those muscles and bones to get your day going. (warm class)

Teacher Time
Marta Regn Fridays & Mondays at 8:00am
man doing warrior pose

Solar Strength

This hot class will help you to deepen your body/mind connection. Yoga poses to challenge and strengthen you with a focus on core, rhythmic flows, and advanced poses as well as balancing your mind with Ujjayi breathing, Bandhas and Mudras. Some yoga experience required. (warm class)

Teacher Time
Elizabeth Kolendrianos Mondays at 5:45pm
woman flexed forward on yoga mat with candles

Soul Flow

A gentle, all levels flow class with emphasis on meditation, breath work and relaxation. An intentional warm up, longer holds and a very intuitive cool down will allow us to thoughtfully connect our minds and bodies. Effort will be focused on deepening the flexibility of our muscles and also our spirits as we calm our nervous systems. Modifications/variations will be offered to provide support and avoid injury throughout the practice.

Teacher Time
Corey Raucheisen Thursdays at 5:30pm
students doing yoga poses with arms up

Soul Sweat

This is an intermediate-level hot class focused on strength-building flows and balance, ending with some delicious stretches to unwind and relax. Prior yoga experience is recommended for this class, although modifications will be provided so that you can customize your practice to fit your needs. This class is designed to leave you feeling more open, strong, balanced, and connected to your vitality. (warm class)

Teacher Time
Natalie Kerschner Sundays at 9:00am
students doing three-legged dog pose

Sunday Soul

Some people call this class “Yoga Church,” maybe because it’s on a Sunday morning, or maybe because of the beautiful weaving of physical practice and connecting to spirit. Unite with your center in this flow featuring plenty of sun salutations mixed with unique sequencing to move your body and still your mind and connect with Self. This is an all-levels flow, with modifications provided for beginners, more challenging options provided for more experienced practitioners, and plenty of time spent warming up at the beginning and cooling down at the end.

Teacher Time
Natalie Kerschner Sundays at 10:30am
sound bowl on pillow

Sunday Sound Savasana

A Sound Savasana class, also called a Sound Bath, is one of the easiest and most pleasant forms of self care you can treat yourself to. Just get yourself comfy and Betsy will play a variety of soothing instruments to help you ease into a meditative state. Some instruments she will bring closer to your body to let you feel the vibrations more fully. She especially loves to work with gongs, but also plays various bowls, chimes and a drum. Everything is energy and energy is vibration; a sound bath lets you listen and feel deeply and encode your intentions. Experiences can range from a deep meditation, a nap, a release of an emotional blockage, relief from headaches or respite from anxiety. Simply put, it’s like a sonic massage and people feel better and lighter when they leave. Join us! Bring a mat and whatever you need to get cozy and relaxed.

Teacher Time
Betsy Whitesell The first Sunday of every month at 5:30pm
students doing reaching poses

Sunrise Sadhana

This weekly class is intended to encourage and support your own personal daily spiritual practice (sadhana), and is composed of a somewhat equal balance of movement, breath work, mantra and meditation. Join us as we enhance our individual practices and build community (sangha) at the same time.

This class is free, but donations are accepted to support the Uttara Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship Fund.

Teacher Time
Harvey Murdoch Wednesdays at 8:00am
students in meditation

Vinyasa Flow

This Vinyasa class is designed to awaken, strengthen, and settle. Our practice will begin with mindfully sequenced flows, progress to standing poses for balance and stability, and introduce inversion options for immune support. Breath and mudra are integrated with asanas as instruments for deepening focus and sensing into subtle energy. Sequences are designed for a desired energetic effect: calming and settling the mind, focusing attention, and recovering a feeling of energy and momentum.

Teacher Time
Wendi Wagner Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9:30am
woman doing yoga in sunny woods

Warm Flow

Take a break from your day and get centered and grounded. This warm Hatha based class will combine pranayama, sun salutations, flows and holds. A pranayama practice will guide you in using your breath to sustain your movements and help you control your mind. You will gain an awareness of using your breath as the driving force behind your movements as you build strength, flexibility and balance. Adjustments and accommodations will be offered to allow for all levels. (warm class)

Teacher Time
Gabrielle Kidd Wednesdays at Noon
arm stretching to reach ankle on yoga mat

Warm Yin

A perfect complement to your more active (yang) asana class, this 75-minute warm Yin Yoga class works deeply into the connective tissues (fascia and ligaments) and joints of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine while also working to release stress and patterns along the energetic meridians that run through our bodies.

This class offers a slower pace through longer holds and deep stretching to relax the muscles in targeted areas of the body thus accessing the fascia and other connective tissues to promote healing and a general sense of well-being. This practice also includes mindfulness through breath awareness and observation of sensations, thoughts and feelings. This class is suitable for all-levels of students. (warm class)

Teacher Time
Kimberly Vest Tuesdays at 6:15pm