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2023 Pricing Changes

December 5, 2022 by Laura Leonard

To our loyal students and friends,

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your continued support of our beloved yoga community. From the beginning, you have shown your love and appreciation for Uttara, and for that we are beyond grateful. We have learned and grown together and have found so many new friendships along the way. We are truly blessed to have this community to lean on—in tough times and in times of joy. Whether you have practiced with us for 14 years or 14 days, thank you. We couldn’t do this without you.

I am writing to you to let you know of upcoming changes in our pricing and membership options, effective January 1st, 2023. While we know that rate increases are not always well-received, I hope you will trust that the instructors and I have put a lot of thought into the changes, and don’t take this decision lightly. Based on available records from our software system, some of our prices have not been raised since at least January 2015. Prices on certain monthly, quarterly, and yearly memberships went down at the start of the pandemic in spring 2020 and are less than what they were prior to 2020. We hope that you can understand our decision that it is time to make some adjustments, so that we can continue to bring you the high-quality instruction and programming that you deserve.

We will continue with single class purchase options, as well as discounted single classes for eligible attendees; we have even expanded that eligibility criteria (listed below). We will also continue with class pack options (4 and 8 packs) to help you save a few dollars as compared to buying multiple single classes. An additional “Wisdom Discount” for our students aged 65 and older will be available on class packs, for purchase in the studio only. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly membership will still be available, with even more perks than before.

Should you wish to go ahead and purchase a membership (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) during the month of December, you will lock in your rate at the current prices and your payment will not increase when the prices go up. If you are purchasing a new monthly membership at the current rates ($110 individual; $135 family), please select the “auto-debit” option to ensure your rate does not increase in the new year. If you choose to purchase a quarterly or yearly membership, we will work with you to manually lock in the current rate, so keep an eye on your email after your purchase. If you already have a current membership, please contact us right away to lock in your rate before the increase. All purchases January 1 and beyond will be subject to the new prices listed below.

Starting January 1st, “members” (whether monthly, quarterly, or yearly) will receive 20% off most workshops/special events, 20% off Uttara-branded merchandise, and one “buddy” pass per month. In addition, yearly members will receive two private one-hour lessons (for up to 4 people at a time) per year, at no additional charge. We are offering these added benefits as a way to show you just how grateful we are for you, and hope that you will help us spread the love of yoga by introducing friends and family to the studio! These benefits are available to anyone with a monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership—regardless of when you join (2008 or 2023)—and will begin in the new year.

Most of you who have chosen the individual memberships are attending an average of three classes (or more!) a week. While the package prices are increasing, if you attend three classes a week, you are looking at an average of right around $11 a class with the new individual monthly membership option, and with a quarterly membership just over $8 a class. At a yearly membership it’s barely $7 a class!

While we are making these adjustments, we ask for your patience and your grace. Some of these changes must be made manually in our system, while some are more automatic. In order to streamline any requests or to trouble shoot any issues you may be having, please contact us by email at so that we can better assist you.

Again, we did not make this decision lightly. We truly honor and value each and every one of you, and are beyond grateful for the support you have shown our yoga community. By making these adjustments, we will be able to stay competitive with our offerings, support our incredible instructors, and make enhancements at the studio that we know will benefit you, our beloved students. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out via email to

With gratitude always and in all ways, Laura

New Pricing Structure, beginning January 1st, 2023…

Single Class –$18

Discounted Single Class –$15 (Qualified participants include individuals age 65+; students in secondary or higher education; military/veterans; schoolteachers/staff or higher education faculty/staff; and public safety personnel. Must be able to show proof of eligibility upon request.)

4-Class Packs –$60 (total of $15/class) (90 day expiry)

8-Class Packs –$96 (total of $12/class) (90 day expiry)

“Wisdom” Discounts are available on class packs for our students aged 65 and above. These must be purchased in-studio only and proof of eligibility verified upon request:
4-Class Packs –$55 (total of $13.75/class) (90 day expiry)
8-Class Packs –$88 (total of $11/class) (90 day expiry)

Individual Monthly Membership –$135

Family Monthly Membership –$175 (for 2 people; must live in same household)
→ add additional family members for $80 each, monthly
Want to save a little more? Select “auto debit” for a 5% discount (individual: $128; family: $162). Thirty-day notice required to cancel auto debit.

Trial One-Month Unlimited Membership –$110
New to Uttara or considering the jump from a class pack to a monthly membership for the first time? Try a one-month unlimited membership for only $110. Limit one per student. Good for any of our regularly scheduled class options; workshop and merchandise discounts do not apply.

Individual Quarterly Membership –$295

Family Quarterly Membership –$375 (for 2 people; must live in same household)
→ add additional family members for $175 each, quarterly

Individual Yearly Membership –$1140

Family Yearly Membership –$1475 (for 2 people; must live in same household)
→ add additional family members for $625 each, annually